About Us

Wing Tsun Malta opened the first school in 1999. Wing Tsun is being instructed
in Malta by
SiFu Joseph R. De Bono assited by his assitant SiMo Ruth De Bono
under the guidance and  supervision of his  Master Prof. Michele

In the security sector the WT has gained a good reputation by training hotel
security personnel, V.I.P protection personnel, night club bouncers and other
special units and improved their job safety by providing them a portfolio of
techniques to be used in various situations.

Women security is also at the heart of WT Malta. For this reason the WingTsun
System teaches women how to defend themselves against attacks in the streets
and in their homes.

Authorized  Intructors  for Authentic WingTsun Academy in Malta:
Sifu Joe Debono and Simo Ruth Debono.