Basic Concepts

WingTsun is based on 3 basic concepts:


  1. Centerline
  2. Simultaneous defence and  (counter) attack
  3. Ecenomy  of  motion


WT is very deeply influenced by Daoist Philosophy and at closer observation one can begin to see a unique application of its principles in this martial art. Just like water is seeking the shortest most direct way to the sea, it does so without effort. Water is formless and shapeless; it can be soft or very hard. If you put it into a cup it becomes the cup, if you put it into a teapot it becomes the teapot.


Like water a WingTsun practitioner follows the most direct way and effortless reaches his target, and like water he is soft but strong


The Centerline concept is crutial to the overall concept and understanding of WingTsun. Contrary to other martial arts the Centreline in WingTsun Kung Fu is relevant to the centre of the body as it connects two oppsite points in the the shortest most direct way, a straight line. The Centreline Concept or idea therefore lends itself to a directness approach in defence and attack only found in WT.