Sifu Joe De Bono

Malta Chief Instructor Joseph R. De Bono 3TG

SiFu Joseph R De Bono was born on April 1970. Being a great fan of Bruce Lee,
at the age of 8 years he joined a local martial arts club where for some years
he trained under local instructors. As he was always looking for a particular martial
arts, he kept going from one art to another till he found out about the
Leung Ting system. It was in this way that he got to know Master Michelle Stellato.

Meeting with this great instructor convinced me to start the WingTsun  system,
as the one I was training was not so efficient
. Though, my Master lives in Italy, and
most of the time he is away on seminars around Europe I still wanted to be one of his

His career has changed as Master Stellato asked him to be the instructor for Malta
after hard and long hours of training.
It was then that he opened the first WingTsun

Though it was not an easy task, already sixteen years have passed since the
official opening.

SiFu Joseph was very much involved in the Security sector, as he own an agency
which provide security consultancy,
V.I.P protection and gave service in different
night clubs.

Now, he has dedicated his entire time to the Authentic Wing Tsun system. On the
24th November 2007 in a special seminar  which was  held  in Caserta Italy  Was
nominated SiFu  by Master  M. Stellato.

In 1992 he got married to Ruth and now they have two boys Brandon Ronald and
Darren Lee (both WT students).
Ruth is also a practitioner of Wing Tsun and is his assistant.

SiFu Joseph’s theoretical and practice are constantly looked after by his Chief
and International Instructor of caliber Master M Stellato.

In Malta, under the guidance of his Master, other than being the Chief Instructor
he represents WingTsun and is doing his utmost in making the system a remarkable