Wing Tsun Theory

What is Wing Tsun (WT)

WT is self defence in its most consequent form.

WT is the smartest self-defence system ever thought of by humankind, because:

  1. WT is not based upon physical strength or acrobatic ability and therefore allows a physically weaker person to defend him/herself
  2. WT teaches you to use the force of the opponent and turn it against him
  3. WT self defence movements derive from tactile reflexes that are mechanical and directly determined by the attack of the opponent.
  4. In this way WT is not susceptible to optical manipulations meant to mislead the fighter.
  5. WT can be learned fairly quickly and build upon.
  6. WT meets the demands of “appropriate force” and therefore lends itself for use by law enforcement.
  7. WT is a whole martial arts – system. Its’ significance lies less in stylistic externals and tricks but in the revolutionary totality of the concept! Immediacy, the few number of movements used, etc., make WT the fastest martial art – system ever



The Economy of WT

Number of movements

       WT is conceived in such a way that one can manage a fight effectively with just a few movements.
The best self defence is one that can fend off the most attacks with the least amount of movements !

Movements that are used simultaneously:

We can perform up to three different movement-patterns at the same time

The four ways of “force”:

In dealing with “force” , there are four principles in WT :

  1. Be free from your own force!
  2. Free yourself from the force of your opponent!
  3. Use the force of the opponent!
  4. Add your own force to the force of the opponent!

Through intense training WT-students learn to “borrow” the energy of the attack by way of a sort of controlled and deliberate “giving in”. The attacked body parts get “charged up” in such a way that they redirect power of the opponent immediately and with the whole force of impact with which it was dealt out .

Chain punches:

        Once a WT-fighter has gained his/her advantage by a punch he/she doesn’t just give it up but lets other
chain- punches follow the first. This is one of the most effective arms at all , traditional martial arts know of
no means
to counter them. The quick sequence of punches overwhelms the capacities of the opponent to process
information as he is driven into a helpless defence.

The “universal solution” , the “centreline” etc.

         The economy of WT manifests itself in all corners and ends of this martial art and provides surprises and eye-
openers to even the most advanced students. “what else ?”



Further Benefits of WT

Next to the emphasis on self-defence there are many more attractive benefits to the practice of WT.

Following is a short summary of what a WT school can offer you:

  1. The best in self defence
  2. Training of reflexes and reaction
  3. Concentration training
  4. Breathing and meditation exercises