Simo Ruth De Bono

Malta  Intructor Ruth De Bono 2TG

SiMo Ruth DeBono was born on July 1971. As from a young age she took part in athletics specializing in high jump and long jump. At the age of sixteen, she had started to take courses in modeling, acting and dancing taking part in many shows.

It was after she met her husband Joe, that she has started to interest herself in the martial arts area. This interest grew so much that when her husband, who is the Chief instructor for the WingTsun School in Malta, decided to start training with Master Stellato she decided to give it a try.

On her first meeting with Master Michele Stellato she soon took great interest in training seriously and in assisting her husband in maintaining the school. Her problem was always the fear of hurting herself as she has a problem in her spine. Her Master though, assured her that with the WingTsun  system there was no risk in harming herself. Her trust and respect for Master Stellato determined her to continue training as hard as her condition allowed.

Already twelve years have passed and WingTsun now fills most of her time although her passion for beauty takes her to work as a Sales Execitive for the Brand  Umberto Gannini hair products. In the evening, she assists her husband with the lessons. She also instructs the Junior Classes. Being a mother of two and having a busy day she inserts her own training in any free time.

Each time, Master Stellato visits Malta she does her best to find time to learn new techniques and loves to indulge herself into interesting conversations with him to achieve the best possible theoretical and technical background. SiMo Ruth achieved the 2nd TG.

Her next aim is to learn seriously the WingTsun Qi Gong in order to start teaching others. Her dream is to help others understand the importance of practicing martial arts for those who suffer from any weaknesses.