How To Join

How to Join WingTsun

If you have ever thought about joining, trying out or even getting more information about WingTsun we have very easy steps that can help you get closer to finding what, why, where and how we do things. These steps are designed to maximise your understanding of WT so you can begin your new path in WingTsun with confidence.

Send your details via email to

Name and Surname:
Mobile  number:
Any experience  in martial arts? Y/N (If  yes  mention which style)
How did you get to know about  A.W.T.A. WingTsun
Mention any days that you can not attend to a class.

By sending the email with your details you will be sent an appointment for  an  interview. where we  discuss your  needs and requirements and  give you  an explanation about  our academy.

During the  interview you will be asked to provide some  information about your self.

Please do not  present yourself at  our  premises without  appointment as we  do not wish to disrupt a class.
(Students are accepted at  our discretion)